I went from ZERO experience to experienced Big4 IT Auditor

I went from an international student to working in one of the Big4 Accounting firms as an IT Auditor right after graduation (without any experience!).

After working for many years, I realized that anyone can also start an IT Audit career without experience.

I have successfully taught many students the fundamental principles of IT Audit that prepared them to perform IT Audits just like experienced professionals.

It might sound crazy, but it is possible to successfully learn how to perform IT Audits like an experienced professional in just 4 weeks.

The Average Salary of IT Auditors is $93,446

The knowledge that you gain is the first step in starting your IT Audit career.
I know this is true because when I started my IT Audit career, I had zero experience and knowledge about IT Audit.
Yet, I got a job from one of the Big4 Accounting firms before I graduated and worked with that company for over 10 years.
I was still an international student when I got the job offer.

I had started my Masters’ program right after my undergraduate degree and only had 2 internship experiences that were completely unrelated to IT Audit.

I had no other professional work experience because I was limited to small campus jobs as an international student.
SO, why did they hire me with my lack of experience and knowledge in IT Audit?
The truth is that even the big companies know that you do not need prior experience in order to start working in IT Audit.
The reality is that the big accounting and consulting companies hire students right out of college.

Their only requirement is that the students have a general knowledge of the subject area, have an eagerness to learn, are willing to work hard, and have good work ethics.
They teach their new employees everything else on the job. Period.
After I started working, I went through an intensive full-time 2-week IT Audit training and was immediately assigned to clients. Yes, you read that right. I went to perform real IT Audits for clients right after training.

I was paired with another more experienced auditor on the team for oversight but I was performing REAL audits.
Everything else was learned on the job and by completing required training courses periodically. I even started training other new employees within a year of starting.

Why should this story matter to you?

Well, if I could work successfully in IT Audit without prior knowledge or experience, so can you!

I went from zero experience to starting REAL client audit in 2 weeks...

You can learn everything you need to start performing IT Audits like an experienced professional in just 4 weeks (even with your busy schedule).
I know it’s possible because that’s how I started too.

I learned everything I needed in a full-time 2-week intensive course and was able to start performing IT Audits immediately.
Remember, I even started training new employees after just a year into the job. These new employees were also primarily new college graduates that had no prior IT Audit experience or knowledge.

When I realized more people needed this training, I started training others just like you and the results were amazing.

Within weeks, students from diverse backgrounds went from knowing nothing about IT Audit to knowing everything they needed to start.

One of my students even got a job in a consulting company less than one month after the training.

When I decided to take the training online (I used to teach in a classroom environment), I tested it by loading a small part of the course on Udemy.

I got over 200 students within 3 months. and the positive feedback was amazing!

Students started emailing me for more courses and that is what gave me motivation to put this comprehensive program together.

Take a look at some student reviews


IT Audit Fundamentals

 The comprehensive program that teaches you how to perform IT Audits like an experienced professional in just 4 weeks. 

This is a completely digital course that you can take from ANYWHERE. All course materials and videos are pre-recorded for you to watch at your convenience during the scheduled week.
PLUS you get LIVE one-hour group coaching from me EVERY WEEK to address any course question you have for the duration of the course!

Let's take a look inside what you will learn in each of the program modules.
Module 1: Introduction to IT Audit

In this module, you will learn about IT audits, the types of IT audits, the role of IT audits in Financial audits, and much more. Remember, you don’t need prior experience for this course, so I start from the basics. This foundational knowledge will help you better understand how to perform IT Audits in later modules. I also review the different Laws and Standards governing IT Audits, Audit Management Tools, and relevant IT Audit certifications.

Module 2: Introduction to Controls and Testing

In this module, you will learn all about IT controls and how to test them. Controls are the basic elements of IT environments that are tested when performing IT Audits. You learn about the different ways to test controls, how to select sample sizes, and how to conclude on controls testing. In addition, there are 10 practical learning objective activities that reinforce the module learning objectives.

Module 3: Introduction to IT Risk Management

In this module, you will learn the basics of IT Risk Management. IT Audits typically assess risk as part of the process. So, a foundational understanding of IT Risk Management will better prepare you to learn how to perform IT Audits.

Module 4: ITGC - Logical Security Testing

In this module, you will learn about IT General Controls. You will also learn specifically about Logical Security controls and how to test them. This also includes Physical Security controls and how to test them. You will learn about various controls in this area, the associated risks, what to consider when identifying the controls, and how to test the controls.

Module 5: ITGC - Change Management

In this module, you will learn specifically about Change Management controls and how to test them. Change Management controls are important because they address the controls in place when changes are implemented within an organization. You will learn about various controls in this area, the associated risks, what to consider when identifying the controls, and how to test the controls.

Module 6: ITGC - Program Development

In this module, you will learn specifically about Program Development controls and how to test them. Program Development controls are important because they address the controls in place when large program implementations occur in an organization. You will learn about various controls in this area, the associated risks, what to consider when identifying the controls, and how to test the controls.

Module 7: ITGC - Computer Operations

In this module, you will learn specifically about Computer Operations controls and how to test them. Computer Operations controls are important because they address the controls in place for system job processing, backup and recovery, and incident management. You will learn about various controls in this area, the associated risks, what to consider when identifying the controls, and how to test the controls.

Module 8: Workpaper Documentation

In this module, you will learn how to document your IT Audit work. Documentation is an essential part of performing audits, so this is critical to your success as an IT Auditor. This module will cover documentation at various stages of the audit.

Module 9: Application and End-User Computing Controls

In this module, you will learn about application and end-user computing controls. These are critical parts of auditing business process controls and user-developed programs. At the end of the module you will be familiar with application and end user computing controls

Module 10: IT Audit Case Study Exercise

In this module, you will learn to perform an IT Audit from end-to-end exactly like an experienced professional. The case study will give a realistic scenario of a company that needs to be audited. At the end of the module, you would have identified all required ITGC controls and performed testing.

Do You Like FREE Bonuses?
I LOVE bonuses! 

So, in addition to those incredible modules I just showed, you will also be getting 5 bonus materials for FREE!

These bonuses were specially selected because of the way they complement this course.

Total Bonus Value - $4,500!

Bonus 1: ITGC Audit for SAP

Value $1,500

In this bonus module, you will learn how to perform ITGC testing specifically for SAP based on all the prior knowledge in the core modules. SAP is used by many of the large companies and this will set you up to audit their systems like a professional. I used to teach an IT Audit for SAP course in a classroom and the course fee was $1,500. This bonus alone is worth the price of the entire course!

Bonus 2: GRC Tool Navigation

Value - $500

This bonus will teach you how to navigate one of the most popular IT Audit management tools used by most organizations (RSA Archer). When you work in IT Audit or Compliance in an organization, you will need to learn how to use tools like this to document and track audit related work. This is a great addition to your resume.

Bonus 3: Resume Writing Tips

Value - $500

You are most likely taking this course as part of an IT career transition goal. So, this bonus provides a guide on how to update your resume to achieve the best impact during your job search. You will be provided samples of IT Audit resumes to help with the process. Resume writers charge up to $500 for this service.

Bonus 4: Interview Preparation Tips

Value - $500

Your resume may get you a call from HR but the interview will determine if you get the job. This bonus provides you an interview preparation guide, including over 30 relevant interview questions. This will prepare you for interviews when you start looking for jobs. Interview coaching services can charge up to $500 for this service.

Bonus 5: Practical IT Audit Resources and Templates

Value - $500

This bonus gives you access to very detailed course resource templates. These include IT Audit Programs with detailed test procedures, CISA exam questions, sample interview questions and responses, and so much more!

Bonus 6: Private Community Access

Value - $1,000

This bonus gives you access to a private community group dedicated to course students for 3 months. After the end of the third month, you will still have general support in my general IT Audit Fundamentals support group. You can ask me questions directly and network with other students in the group.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Who is IT Audit Fundamentals For?

People who want to truly learn about IT Audit and start a career in the field
This program is not for tire-kickers that just want to check out the program. It is for those that have a true desire to learn about performing IT Audits so that they can start a career in the field. This course is very practical and teaches exactly what you need to do when performing IT Audits.
Those who are willing to study hard and do the work
This is not a get-rich quick scheme. This program requires you to show up, study hard and do the required course work. Success is not achieved in a day, so consistently showing up with your best effort is required.
Those who are motivated to complete the entire course
This program is 4 weeks and is for those that are committed to completing the entire course. I only want students that can truly commit because those are the students that will be willing to do the hard work necessary to see results.
Those who understand the importance of investing in their futures
If we want a better future, we have to be ready to invest in it. When I started the journey into digital course creation, I had to invest in courses to help me learn how to develop an effective online learning experience for my students. So, if you believe in investing in your future career, then this program is for you!
Busy People
I know many of you have your regular jobs and this program is in addition to everything else on your plate. You don’t have time to waste and I respect that. That’s why the program is designed with the flexibility of reviewing the course videos from anywhere. I do my best to explain all the concepts in simple terms without any extra fluff. There’s a lot of content but every part of the course is what you absolutely need without any unnecessary extras.


Who is IT Audit Fundamentals Not For?

People who want to get rich quick
This is not a get-rich quick scheme. This program requires you to show up, study hard and do the required course work. It takes effort to become a successful IT Auditor and this program is designed to cut the learning curve for you. However, you have to be consistently diligent with the work.
Anyone scared of studying and doing hard work
Success is not achieved overnight in any area of life. You have to put in the work necessary to learn the information being taught and show up consistently and diligently. We all need to work hard for what we want.
People who just want to ‘test’ and see if this works
This program is not for you if you just want to kick the tires and see if “this IT thing works”. If you really don’t want to commit to this program fully, I recommend you take my introductory course first. It’s only 2 hours and you can complete the course before the registration deadline closes. You can get a discount of that course price if you choose to register in this program after purchasing that course. I only want hard working, committed students that are willing to succeed in the program.
Anyone that thinks I have jobs waiting for them right after the course
I wish I had a company that could hire every student that successfully completes this program. Unfortunately, I don’t (yet), so the law does not allow me to guarantee anyone a job after the program. The resume writing and interview preparation bonuses are designed to help with your job search effort, so please take those seriously. I will also provide reasonable support after the program to help students in their IT career transition journey.

Meet The Instructor

Hello there!

My name is Peju and I have worked in the IT field for over 16 years.

I have experience in the IT Audit and Compliance field including working for KPMG for over 10 years.

I also own the site www.youritcareer.com where I cover various topics on how to transition to an IT career.

This course is closed for enrollment.

More About Me


I love to teach!

I taught several IT Audit courses for Big4 consultants across the US with a focus on training new employees that needed to understand the basics of IT Auditing.

I have also trained several students that successfully switched to an IT Audit career after the training.

My IT certifications include CISA, CISM, CDPSE, CFE, PMP, ITIL, and RSA Archer Administrator

I’m on a mission to create practical, informative, and high-quality courses for IT Audit and Governance, Risk and Controls courses that you can use to quickly scale up your IT career.

My goal is to present information in a logical, informative and practical way without boring you with long lectures and unnecessary details.

I include plenty of quizzes, course activities and assignments to help you understand the course material well enough to apply the knowledge immediately.

If you want to learn and apply information quickly, then I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

This program is like going to school to learn very valuable information.

You need to put in hard work and be fully dedicated to the program in order to see results.

I did the hard work over many years to become experienced in the field and I continue to take training courses to keep my skills current.

Now, it’s your turn to achieve success in IT Audit. I know you can do it.

Let’s work together! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course format?
The course content (videos, assignments, and downloads) are all digital and pre-recorded for you to access anytime during the assigned week. The content for each week will be released each Saturday. This will allow you to fully focus on that week’s content.
I will also have one-hour LIVE coaching sessions (Office Hours) each week during the 4-week program to answer questions and provide additional coaching as needed. You don’t need to wait for Office Hours to ask questions though. You can email me at anytime or post questions in the private course community group throughout the week and I will respond promptly.

What if I don’t know anything about IT Audit?
That’s Perfect! This course is beginner friendly, so you will learn all the required concepts that are needed to start performing IT audits like an experienced professional. I start with foundational principles and then go from there.
How is this different from your Udemy course?
The introductory course on Udemy is only a part of one of the modules. To be completely honest, I only posted the Udemy course for marketing purposes, so you get a deep discount on that module. Udemy also places a limit on what I can charge for that course. This program is way more comprehensive and covers all concepts that you need to perform IT audit like an experienced professional.
Is there a time limit to complete the course?
During the 4-week program, you are expected to complete the assigned videos and assignments for each week before the next week begins. After the 4-week program concludes, you have access to the course and any updates FOR TWO YEARS. Sweet deal!
How do I access the training after enrollment?
After you enroll in the program, you will get an email with login details to the course website. I will also reach out directly to confirm the cohort you want and complete the setup process. Additional course information will be sent after the cohort selection.
Will I have to purchase anything else?
Nope! Everything you need for this course is included.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
Yes. I understand that you may have concerns about what happens if you decide this program is not for you after you enroll.
If you enroll in this course and decide it is not a great fit for you, you have until the end of the first full week of the course to get a full refund. You would have had a chance to review the first full week of videos and attend a live coaching session with me. Simply reply to the course registration email before that deadline and I will process the refund for you. 
What kind of support will you provide after the training?
I will provide student support for two months after the program ends in the private course community group. Support includes answering questions related to the program and reasonable interview preparation beyond the bonus.
Will I get a job after this program?
This program is designed to teach you all you need to know to perform IT Audits like a professional. This is an essential foundation when looking to start a career in IT Audit. You will need to apply the resume development and interview preparation skills from the program bonuses to help you with the job search process. I will provide reasonable interview preparation support as well.
Will this course teach me to pass the CISA exam?
This program is a practical course that teaches how to perform IT Audits like an experienced professional. While some of this information may be on the CISA exam, the program is not designed for the certification exam preparation. There is a section in the program that discusses certifications and provides suggestions on how to study for exams.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes. You can either pay a one-time payment, over two (2) payments, or over three (3) payments. Please note that there's a small processing fee included in the payment plan prices.

Is my credit card secure?
I am very security conscious and credit card security is extremely important to me. That's why I've partnered with Stripe and PayPal to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128-bit encryption. So, feel comfortable knowing that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud using these payment partners. I NEVER have access to any of your credit card information.

You can earn your enrollment fee back with the Affiliate program!
You can earn your enrollment fee back! After you enroll in the program, simply request to join the affiliate program. You can earn 20% of the enrollment fee for anyone that registers through you! You get your affiliate payment within 2 weeks of the refund deadline. If you want more details on the affiliate program, please contact me for the eligibility requirements.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Still have questions?
Please register for the FREE Information Session using this link. I will be answering questions during the session.